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    We will be different !

    A hotel complex which will guarantee each guest the exclusive feeling of a small family run facility (posada nativa), but will offer all the luxury and facilities of a large hotel resort complex.

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    No impact !

    We care and we want to protect the island and its inhabitants.

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    Only positive !

    We will contribute to the development of the San Andres raizal community.

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Charaibi Eco Lodge will be located on San Andres Island. This is a relatively small island with a little town in the northern area, while the southern part is only being built-up along the coast. The plot of the building complex is located approx. 6 km south of the airport or city centre on the east coast in the middle of the island. This is the southern part of the island. It is 450m from the beach and connected with a paved road.

Source: Google Maps

The spatial planning requirements of the area allow only local types of building with a ground floor + 1 storey (GF + IS). In addition, this is also the starting point of the construction concept, which, instead of one large building, assumes a collection of tiny houses. Spatial legislation aside, it is important to mention the specific shape of the lot, which also has an effect on the concept itself.

The lot has an irregular shape with a narrow and elongated north-south oriented part, which is concluded with an expanded section in the south. Access is available from the traffic route on the northern side.

Charaibi Eco Lodge is divided into 2 sections:

  1. A public section accessible to everyone (the main entrance building);
  2. Bungalows - guest rooms.


Building Area

Building: Ground Floor I. Floor
Main entrance building 1,456 m2 1,532 m2
Bungalows  3,661 m2 3,661 m2
Total 5,117 m2 5,193 m2

Landscape Area

Area Size
Grass 31,495 m2
Fountains 963 m2
Swimming pool 724 m2
Paved 3,570 m2
Asphalt 3,322 m2
Relax 620 m2
Total 40,695 m2